gift-soulseek is a gift plugin for SoulSeek.


This project was abandoned about a year ago for the following reasons:

The plugin was almost in a usable state - searches and uploads were almost done and downloads could have been finished in a couple of weeks.

However, some necessary features would have required fundamental changes to the gift-framework (chat, buddy-lists and gift-side queueing for example). It would be possible to use gift-slsk without these features but I didn't feel like pissing off the SoulSeek community (and Nir for that matter). And I wouldn't want to use SoulSeek without those features anyway - it's a community-based trading-network.

Another issue were the highly SoulSeek specific features like userinfos and interests - they don't belong into gift-space since every frontend would have to support them with just one plugin actually using them. A possible solution would be direct communication between frontend and plugins (however some might argue that this violates the abstraction principle of gift).

Maybe a standalone-client would be a better idea than gift-slsk. I don't know.

If you wanna take over gift-slsk development or need help for writing a standalone-client you can contact me via email.


There's no release tarball yet, get the source from CVS instead: cvs login
cvs -z3 co giFT-SoulSeek


The official Win32 client. (proprietary)
A wxWindows SoulSeek client written in Python. (GPL, discontinued)
A GTK2 Soulseek client which started out as a PySlSk fork. (GPL)
A MacOS X SoulSeek client using Cocoa. (Public Domain (?))
SoulSeek Protocol Documentation
Unofficial protocol documentation, reverse engineered by the SoleSeek project (partly wrong / outdated)